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Settlement and Job

Getting Permanent Residency in a new country is not the only major task when you are immigrating, but settling at a good place with the right job is equally important. Thus finding a right job in their field is a major challenge to the new migrants who set out to settle in a new country. Being migrants ourselves, we know how hard it is to reach the right path in the short time given, armed with very limited information around you. Therefore, we have worked out various strategies and given a serious thought to help our clients settle in New Zealand. We wish they start a new life without mucking around and trying to understand the new working life style in a new country. Here are some of the services which we deliver free of cost to our clients because we wish they start their new life easily and smoothly in new surroundings.

Assistance for Settlement in NZ

We at KR immigration assist clients in initial settlement at New Zealand. We help them in locating a house within a reasonable price and yet meeting their basic needs. If the client prefers, we can arrange for furnished or unfurnished house, according to their requirements. We also take them through various facilities and the shops available to help them in their daily needs during the early days of settlement at New Zealand. It is easy to take an unfurnished house and get it furnished within a few weeks, since there are lots of second hand shops and garage sales which help clients to find things at a cheaper price during their initial settlement.

We can provide you with a list of nearby second hand shops, Indian Shops, Indian Hotels, Indian Grocery without which it is hard for most of the Indians to start the new life. We can also guide you about Chinese, Thai Shops, Malaysian and other South East Asian Cuisines and answer any queries regarding all your basic needs.

Pick up from Airport

As part of our service we pick the clients from the airport and drop them to the house chosen for them.

Assistance in finding a Job

  • Correcting CV to NZ job standards
  • Preparing with the help of Mock Interviews
  • Advise on choosing the right course for students
  • Guide you in approaching the right job consultants

Correcting CV and preparing with Mock Interviews to NZ job standards

Every country has their own format when it comes to getting CVs from professionals. We have team members who have experience working in the placement consultancy in New Zealand and are very proficient in the field of correcting CV and matching it to the job market. We also assist you with mock interviews and sample interview questions and make sure you are aware of the interview process.

We are also associated with couple of active job consultants in New Zealand and we guide you to reach the right consultant matching your skills and experience.

New Zealand has a body which helps the new migrants in getting their CV corrected to job market standards and also helping them in mock interviews.

Choosing the Right Course

If you are visiting New Zealand for studies, our educational consultants who are experts in this field, help you choose the right course at a good university which can pay you back by having a better career.