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Procedures for processing Student Visa

Once the course is finalised we try to work with you on the visa process. This is a very crucial part of the whole process and it needs a systematic approach in getting together with all the required documents. Below we try to brief about the visa procedure involved in obtaining the student visa and making your application a POSITIVE PROFILE application. .

1. Guidance in Choosing Right Course
We assist our students to choose the right course that suits their educational background. Being a Immigration Advisor we know which course would be best suitable for you to settle in New Zealand. So we guide students in obtaining the right course that is in demand and help them settle in the country after their students. We are associated with the Top Universities, Private Institutes and Polytechnics to guide students on suitable course. We provide specific information on course and study institutions that matches your background and interest.

The Student must meet minimum academic requirements to be accepted into specific courses. Each institution and university has its own entry requirement so requirements vary from institution to institution and also from course to course. Evidence of English language proficiency is required while applying for a Student Visa. Depending on the course you will need to have a minimum score in IELTS English language proficiency tests. Student should complete our FREE Educational Assessment form to give us clear understanding about their background and interest.

2. Working on Expression of Interest
Once you submit all the required documents. We start looking for the particular course from the selected Universities/ Institutes that suits your interest been expressed in our online free assessment form. Generally it takes 1-2 week to complete the process.

3. Student Visa documentation
This is very crucial part of the Visa process. Our Licensed Immigration Officer stays by you and guides you with all the document process involved in this. Key documents involved in this process are funds supporting your studies, medical certicate, Police clearance certificate (PCC) and other supportive educational certificates are required for Student Visa Application.

4. Filing the visa application
Once the supportive documents to visa application are documented, student visa application will be submitted to the nearest Immigration office.

5. Verification of Documents
The visa officer will conducts verification on the documents submitted. Sometime you may be asked to provide supplementary documents, explanation or a telephonic interview from the assigned immigration officer.

6. Pre-visa approval
Once the visa officer is convinced that your intention is genuine and that the financial statements meet the requirements, the Immigration officer approves your Application in Principle (AIP) and instructs you to make the fees payment.

7. Fees transfer
We will assist you to make fast fee payments through telegraphic transfer using the services of one of the most professional money transfer companies based in the country. During this process, we assist you with the accommodation in NZ.

8. Visa Stamping
Once the fee is received by the institution and the receipt of the fees is received from institution, your passport is sealed with the student visa and returned back to you at the earliest.

9. Fly to New Zealand
Once the passport is received by you the student visa process comes to an end. But KR team have bunch of other services once you reach New Zealand. This includes assist you in preparing for your journey, accommodation at New Zealand, pick-up from airport and many more as listed in the “our services” section in Education.

Check this for more details http://krimmigration.com/eduservices. All these services are delivered for FREE.

Wish you a happy journey to the new country the land of mountains and beautiful seas.